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  • 1. Make your stand look inviting yes!! However get that spending lots on your stand, does not get you clients and business. Speaking to people, creating a connection and bond does!
  • 2. Have people on the stand who have the confidence to speak to people. If you can’t, get someone who can. Or get training and support and learn how.
  • 3. Be clear in your mind, ‘People are there to take a look, find out more and do business! It’s your job to meet them, chat with the sole purpose of finding out if and how you can be of any service to them, with why you are there.
  • 4. Prior to the expo opening, get yourself pumped up, set the targets you want to achieve from your stand, how many names, forms, and sales etc.
  • 5. Stand or sit on a high stool at the front of the table. (Not behind a desk) Have a clip board, smile and look open, fun and busy whenever you can.
  • 6. YOU MUST have your approach and conversation script down pat! Regardless of what you say specifically, you must have and know your script that is inviting, engaging and gets them interested.
  • 7. Hello, nice to see you here today, my name is Trevor. Here’s a gift for you. May I ask, do you have any interest in having more clients? (having more, making your, increasing your, decreasing your) No! Ok thank you, enjoy your day Yes! That’s good to here. Well what we do is help our clients with fix, learn, change, improve, etc . If it’s ok, could I ask you a few quick questions and for you time, it would be my absolute pleasure to put you into our completion to win a trip to Bali. Ok great, it sounds like we could be a good help to you, would it be ok for me to organise a time to discuss what you’re looking for and see if we can help. Collect details and CALL THEM AND HAVE A MEETING!
  • 8. Take good notes and be diligent and follow them up and make time to speak to them or do your presentation there and then
  • 9. Have your Consultation to enrol a client meeting – SKILL! To have them want to do business with you. ENROL THEM!!!
  • 10. Assess and measure how many you contacted, met and converted to measure the results and return on investment from marketing at the expo.


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